History of the Programme

The Department of Educational Management was established in November 2016 in response to the continued need for qualified graduate teachers in educational institutions. The department is created to award Bachelors’ Degree in Educational Management at the end of a successful four (4) academic sessions for UTME Students and three (3) academic sessions for Direct Entry Students. The department started its first academic session in 2016/2017 with Dr. F.B. Ojeniyi (now Dr. F.B. Adeniyi) as the Coordinating Head till 2019 when Dr. B. Awe was assigned the Acting Head by the Management of the University. Till date, the department has been exposing students to both theory and practical skills required for effective teaching and educational management.

Presently, the department has fifteen (16) staff members out of which twelve (12) are academics while three (4) are administrative officers. Meanwhile, the student population stands at two hundred and thirty-three (233) with one hundred and twenty-two (122) students in 100 level, eighty-one (81) at 200 level and thirty (30) students at 300 level.


The philosophy of Educational Management is the acquisition of appropriate managerial skills, abilities and competences such that the prospective educational manager would better understand human behaviour and interrelationships.